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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2012 R3 KB3062099 Defective?

I've run into an interesting problem with KB3062099, which came on board for us with CU10..  The description reads "Wave attributes are not available or cannot be selected in Work template query, criteria dropdown".

The hotfix changes the following classes in a particular way.


The change in each case was the removal of the global function Global::fieldExt2Id(..) from a comparison of field ID's.

It wasn't immediately clear to me why this mattered and broke some lookups/dropdowns on the SysQueryForm, i.e. the range grid after clicking the Select button on most query forms.  Extended field ID's are a little strange it seems.  Normally field ID's are of the range 1-65535 within a table, with numbers 65000 and higher being reserved for system fields like RecId, etc.  When the field is an array, the high order word represents the index into the array for a specific field within that array.  However, there seems to be some sloppiness under the hood with respect to how this works.

In the Developer Network article at, I found the following explanation.

 "Extended field IDs are used to refer to a particular field within a field array. An extended field ID's array index is packed in the high word, and the actual field ID is packed in the low word as shown in the following figure..  Non-array fields also have an array index and are treated as an array field that contains only one element, meaning that their array index is 1. This index can hold the value 0 or 1. The same field can have two different field IDs, one being 1<<16 bigger than the other. These two IDs can be used interchangeably, and the system processes them as if they were identical.  It is best practice to use the fieldExt2Id method to remove the array index part of a field ID, if it is not needed."

So my field number 60013 can also be found as 125548 sometimes, apparently at random.  Unfortunately, the article is clearly wrong in the statement that the system handles both identically.  In the classes above, a simple integer to integer comparison is made between a found field ID in a table relation and an expected field ID from a query, and 60013 does not equal 125548 strictly speaking.  It used to work when fieldExt2Id was used as part of that comparison, but now it is broken.

As a result, some lookups/dropdowns are now broken.

From the hotfix description, I imagine this was done in order to "fix" the Wave attributes lookup/dropdown, which is likely an array given the change that was made.

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