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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bug: 2012 R3 CU10 SalesInvoice SSRS Report Stack Trace Using Centralized AR

Discovering that trying to generate a SalesInvoice report in R3 CU10 where the invoice is settled from another company, i.e. centralized AR, throws the following error.  It would seem this could happen with prepayments, but in my case I was merely trying to reprint an old invoice that had already been paid, i.e. settled, from another company using centralized AR.

Cannot create a record in Show invoice (SalesInvoiceTmp).
Insert operations are not allowed across companies. Please use changecompany keyword to change the current company before inserting the record.

The problem stems from code in Classes\SalesInvoiceDPBase\printPrepayment() where a changecompany(offsetcompany) is executed and then later a call is made to Classes\SalesInvoiceDP\insertIntoSalesInvoiceTmp, which fails due to the incorrect company context.  It appears KB3070894 is involved, i.e. "Prepayment applied to a sales order is not printed on the sales order invoice"

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